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iPhone SE: The NEW “old” phone, why?

After yesterday’s surprise release of the new iPhone SE, let’s try to understand the reason for this new “old” iphone in the Apple product lineup and download a special gift.


The market niche that wants to cover this iphone is very clear and well illustrated by the page that apple itself has reserved on the official website called “Why Upgrade

Apple wants to keep all those customers who are in possession of the old lineup in particular of iPhone 6 6s 7 and SE. Devices that are now too obsolete, and for customers who did not want to spend significant amounts on new iPhones, they had to fall back on the Android market.


The general design is clearly that of the iPhone 8, this choice is justifiable for two simple reasons: economy, user experience.

It’s clear that many components are probably those advanced by older generations such as the 7 and 8. This allows you to recycle some components while keeping costs low and avoiding environmental waste. Over the years many people have appreciated the design of the previous models, as they are comfortable in everyday use and giving emotions in the use of materials and shapes (such as the rear glass or the steel edge of the phone)

So apple has decided to resume this design but make some changes to adapt the smartphone to the new lineup.

Like the rear apple perfectly aligned in the center of the body.


The iPhone SE will be bookable from Friday 17th April, and on sale from April 24th. The price $399 in the US for the version with less internal memory – is significantly lower than the classic iPhone, and allows Apple to compete in the mid-market segment.

iPhone SE Plus according to some sources it seems that it will be released later due to the emergency COVID-19

Final considerations

Does this new old iPhone make sense? If you are a professional, graphic designer, designer, developer, probably the answer is NO.

The future is bigger screens, most people prefer them. It is a fact that at every presentation the iPhones with the highest sales are the big ones. Maybe it will be a good purchase for some types of customers, maybe teenagers where parents don’t want to spend a lot but can still give their child an apple product. Nostalgics who prefer a small phone because maybe the big one is inconvenient to carry around.

One thing is for sure, this iPhone will surely be bought. And even if it were to cover a small niche, Apple will still be happy to have disposed of some warehouse components and maybe some customers who were leaving it to move to Android would have kept it.


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